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Bella Thorne's Madison in 2015 high school comedy (which stands for 'designated ugly fat friend' for anyone wondering) is cut from exactly this cloth.

We can't even escape the awkward truths of the bedroom at the movies, because it often turns out that on-screen sex is just as disjointed as real-life sex.

Lisätietoja muun muassa saatavilla olevista hallintamahdollisuuksista: evästekäytäntö.

A New Zealand Playboy playmate has come under fire for posing naked on a sacred Maori mountain.

In fact, she's already filming it, or at least her lapdog Caitlyn is ("That was a good take for me, Caitlyn, make sure you get the wide shot").

Shanon Cook: Hi, I'm Shanon Cook, mom of one with another one on the way. Shanon: Now, what if I'm saying, "I want an epidural!

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