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To all other users I grant all rights that are usually granted by the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike license. You decide that you are S-M-R-T SMART, and order a bunch of the 75$ 144 gig Seagate ST3146807FC, thinking that you are going to save some money.

Refer to the important information for N series support for step-by-step instructions explaining how to access software packages as part of the complete instructions for entitlement and registration. Valid values for this option range from 300 to 3000 where a rate of 300 represents a media scrub of approximately 512 MBytes per hour, and 3000 represents a media scrub of approximately 5 GBytes per hour.If new disk shelf firmware is detected -- that is, if there is a disk shelf firmware file in the /etc/shelf_fw directory that has a higher revision number than the current firmware on the shelf module -- the new firmware is automatically downloaded to the disk shelf module.If your system does not use software-based disk ownership, Data ONTAP does not scan the the /etc/shelf_fw directory for new disk shelf firmware.IBM recommends using the Download Director as this method will ensure easy recovery in the event the download is interrupted. If necessary, you may also choose the "Download using http" view to download files via HTTP.

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I do not grant the license to copy or use the information here in to the Net App Inc, Network Appliance Inc or it's subsidiaries, dependents or lawyers on it's retainer or staff. Like any self-respecting ghetto-admin you roll on to e Bay, the Official Procurement Vehicle of Ghetto NOCs world-wide[TM], and search for Net App disks.

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