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Ubuntu updating issues

But what are the issues for 14.04, with the older version?

I hear people talk about them, but I've heard no specifics.

I believe changing the file to use an IP address for the archive instead of the domain name will work around this; it's not a good long term solution since it messes up ubuntu's dns load balancing, but if you need to perform an install this might work. d-i mirror/Thanks to Eric for suggesting the workaround.

It works if there's no virtual hosting on the mirror.

Before I jump head first into what will be a heated discussion among various Linux enthusiasts, understand this first.

This solution is if you would like to upgrade ibus in Ubuntu 14.04.4 LTS to the latest version (at the time of writing is 1.5.11).

I recently had to install Intellij on a clean installed Ubuntu machine.

I unfortunately don't know how to get logs off the system to send in :(I confirm same kind of problem in Precise. 21-Mar-2017 .578 queries: client x.x.x.x#43836 ( query: TYPE20736 - (x.x.x.x) I realize this is not directly related to the subject of this bug, but I think its relevant. I'm unable to install any 14.04 from my PXE server.

After update to -ubuntu6.10 ipv4 become to be preferable protocol even on ipv6-only servers. The installation proceed as expected until: DEBUG: retrieving libc6-udeb 2.19-0ubuntu6.10 The next package triggers a: wget: unable to resolve host address 'fr.archive.

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