Theonomy and the dating of revelation

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Theonomy and the dating of revelation

In fact, this is the essential heart of the entire question.

Generally speaking, one's view of interpreting the Scriptures determines whether or not he or she is a pre-millennialist.

Pre Millennialism - The Oldest View - The pre millennial view is the view that holds that Christ will return to earth, literally and bodily, before the millennial age begins and that, by His presence, a kingdom will be instituted over which He will reign.

In this kingdom all of Israel's covenants will be literally fulfilled.

The central issue in this position is whether the Scriptures are to be fulfilled literally or symbolically.In some cultures this providential authorization has been through a line of kings, in other cultures through various contests, and in our own culture through a democratic representative process. He has also written on ethics, particularly from a theonomist view.Gentry is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University (BA), Reformed Theological Seminary (MDiv), and Whitefield Theological Seminary (Th M, Th D).If you sign up for Amazon Smile on, the Amazon Smile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible Amazon Smile items.

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