Live webcam backdoor portals

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Live webcam backdoor portals

The Amundsen-Scott Station webcam focuses on the USAP station building, dedicated in 2008, and allows USAP participants, scientists, and the general public to view activity, weather, and geography near and around the South Pole.The Vertical Link can be seen on the left side of the station, allowing access to the A-Pod.For information about current research conducted at the South Pole, see the NSF South Pole Research Projects page.From May of this year, we have seen a sudden uptick in the number of samples of an interesting malware we call Backdoor. We have seen this malware primarily using websites hosting to propagate.

There are a bunch of tutorials here on null---byte and around the internet on how to hack a website with a specific tool, in case you want to learn you are in right place, just look around, but today i want to share something that i think it will be very useful for you, take a cup of coffee grab your chair and start to read this, what i m going to show you today is totally different from my other tutorials, instead of showing you how to use these tools, i will guide you on how you can successfully use these tools and tricks to hack any website, based on my experiences.This makes these devices potentially inviting for persistent attackers who rely on stealthy channels of command-and-control to manage their attacks.The downside for the attacker is that this class of devices doesn't usually have any persistent storage that is really usable.Most of these attacks are considered relatively inconsequential because the devices themselves contain no real data of value (such as credit card numbers or PII).The devices in question generally don't provide much value to a botnet owner as they tend to have access to lots bandwidth, but have very little in terms of CPU and RAM.

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To figure out where the destination C2s were being hosted, we took a subset of the domains that we noticed in the Fire Eye Malware Protection Cloud (MPC) and mapped them to the countries in which they were hosted. The communication between the infected machine and itscommand and control server looks like this: As you can see in the figure above, the malware gathers the following information from the compromised machine and sends it to the Cn C.

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