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The basic form of the club activity and enjoyment is having their sissies take part in a little girl fashion contest held once every week, where all sissies have a turn in their prettiest dresses, bouffant slips, etc.

on a modelling runway in the club’s large prettily decorated meeting hall (formerly the hall used for the state’s principal Grange chapter where farmers discussed such delicate subjects as whether cow manure or horse manure was better for fertilizing fields to grow corn). Dorothy Gibson...a mentally gifted expert surgeon, specializing in female hormone injections and sexual reassignment surgery, her twelve year old sissy patients following a series of female hormone injections and a daily regimen of female hormone pills, along with the sex change surgery are lovingly referred to as “Gibson girls” by their satisfied mothers, step-mothers, aunts, and the sissies’ older sisters in the petticoating club. A dramatic fashion change in women’s and girls’ clothes occurs.

Lilith’s twice divorced forty-five year old, still very pretty mother, now also an extreme feminist due to her too early and ill-fated short marriages, following her second divorce lives again at Bouquet with Lilith, and becomes affectionate “Gramma” to Nancy.

a nation-wide organization, with chapters in many cities, of domineering women that make their little boys sissies by raising them like little girls until they’re twelve years old, and are then getting the weekly female hormone injections and daily hormone pills leading up to their sexual reassignment surgery that will change their actual sex to female.

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Do not waste time looking elsewhere when all you have to do is check this out.The new bouffant fashion decreed by the fashion designers of Paris, France of wearing multiple petticoats under full dresses and skirts arrives in America, with women usually wearing a full length or half slip and two or three petticoats under their dresses to give them the desired bouffant appearance, while little and pre-teen girls wear pretty bouffant slips under their dresses.The horrible cheap polyester fabric that always gets pulls and a balling up of its fibers isn’t used for making clothes yet except as an insulating material for winter coats.Chatting with Her on Messenger Writing on Her Wall Community Q&A Chatting with a girl you like is always difficult, but it can be even more intimidating on Facebook.Thankfully, Facebook is a very versatile platform that allows you to share photos, discover more about her interests, and interact both publicly and privately.

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