Accomodating diverse clients

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Accomodating diverse clients

The courts are continuously called upon to determine legal disputes which may include the interpretation of legislation and testing compliance with constitutional principles.

Although individual rights are guaranteed in the Constitution, they are not unlimited.

For example, an employee may feel that sexual orientation or a hidden disability cannot be revealed due to fear of reprisals.

This type of ‘closed’ environment can significantly impact an individual’s involvement in the organization, potentially resulting in low staff morale, increased absenteeism, decreased productivity and retention difficulties.

Open, effective communication, as well as clear channels for feedback optimizes the opportunity for discussion of issues related to inclusion and discrimination.Every organization starts from a different place and in a unique context, but all have room for improvement.An educational approach can help to negate many fears that people have when it comes to addressing diversity.A disabled person is defined as someone with a physical or mental impairment that has a ‘substantial’ and ‘long-term’ effect on their ability to do normal daily activities (Equality Act 2010).Nearly 7 million people of working age in the UK are disabled or have a health condition.

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Diversity as a concept encompasses more than race, gender, religion and culture: however these are the aspects that have received the most attention and are possibly the most controversial.

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